Redefining Real Estate


PRISTINE GROUP supports several N.G.O programs in the field of child education & environment support as we strongly believe in giving back to the society and help the less fortunate to make this world a better place also for the under privileged.

We put all efforts on engendering businesses, which further becomes a powerful means to subsidize our society. We are appreciated primarily due to our best business practices and also due to what we give back to our humanity to make this world a healthier place.

Pristine Group supports such events through an NGO, which is “Help 4 Society” where in we put our efforts with the use of business to solve social and ecological problems, and as a company is involved reducing a wide-ranging disparity of community & enhancement programs.

The focus area has been Environment Protection, Social Hygiene, Health Educationand Child Education.

We believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a very solicitous assignment which creates a positive sense to keep ourselves highly motivated to do great in our business and use our means towards this noble cause. The company’s CSR agendas aim to be relevant to local and national frameworks, while keeping underprivileged communities as the focus so that we ourselves can identify our involvement.

Functioning with the vision “Let’s Go Green” is aninitiative towards environmental conservation and to fight against its worsening by involving the youth and the local communities. Cause behind this drive “Let’s Go Green” is to indoctrinate sense of responsibility in every person towards safeguarding nature in the local community through citizen level initiatives and also to help bring about policy level changes in the administration, to inspire remedial and preventive action for a greener ecosystem for a healthier tomorrow. Objective is to make living greener, healthier and cleaner for the generations to come so that they can have some footprints to follow and contribute towards humanity.


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